We are a leading mortgage inspection service provider  in the New England Area Covering the entire states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire for the single flat rate  of $115 for each mainland residential Mortgage Inspection Survey, $225 for any mainland commercial properties, $450 for all island jobs. We will provide your mortgage inspection in 5 days with no extra charge for rush orders. We do not charge for our services for canceled closings  or orders canceled before delivery.  Ask us about our “No Closing, No Cost” and “Hassle-Free Cancellation Policies for more information.

Mortgage inspections/plot plans must be completed by going on site and taking measurements. It is unethical to complete mortgage inspections/plot plans from the Internet or assessor maps. If clients would like to request any of our field work for the 750,000+ mortgage inspections/plot plans, completed by field workers, we would be happy to supply that to them.

“Best in the field of Mortgage Inspection.” Just give us a call to cancel your order and you will not be billed for our services, no questions asked! "No Closing, No Cost" © 2012 - Evans Media, Inc Made by EvansMedia A.B.L., Inc. “Easy Ordering” “Hassle-Free Cancellation”