Mortgage Inspection Surveys are plot plans prepared for Title Insurance Companies and Mortgage Lenders.  This service is designed to give the client a graphical representation of existing structures and how they sit on the property. These are not boundary surveys and should not be relied upon to make any type of improvement.  This service gives the client a professional opinion as to matters of possible survey or encroachment problems that may exists before the loan is finalized.  A.B.L., Inc., relies on the information provided by the lender, public records, and a physical site visit to make this determination. There are those who’d look at Land Surveying as a trade profession, one that if you know how to apply the technology and tools, you should be able to survey.  It is important to realize that Land Surveying is as much an “Art” as it is a “Science”. While one might assume that the manipulation of property and numbers might be devoid of art, only the contrary can be true.  Many properties have considerable problems with regards to improper bounding, miscalculations in past surveys, legal descriptions, titles or easements.  Also many properties are created from multiple divisions of a larger piece over the course of years, and with every additional division the risk of error increases.  The result can be abutting properties not coinciding with adjacent parcels, resulting in gaps and overlaps.  The art comes to play when one must essentially build a puzzle with pieces that do not exactly fit together.  In these cases the solution is based upon proper research and interpretation following established procedures for resolving such discrepancies. The basic principles have changed little over the ages, but the tools have evolved tremendously.  The application of technology has affected all occupations and A.B.L., Inc. has a wealth of the latest technical applications, specialties and tools we can utilize to inform you of potential problems before your next closing. With a staff comprised of a large, highly skilled, specialized workforce we have been practicing the “Art” and “Science” of Mortgage Inspection Land Survey in the New England Area for over 50 years. © 2012 - Evans Media, Inc Made by EvansMedia “Best in the field”